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Precious weight loss is an exciting story of an incredible woman that loosed her weight about 150 pounds. Yes! 150 pounds. It is not a joke. It is a unique truth. Flashback, remember Precious movies in 2009. A well-known actress, Gabourey Sidibe, played the role of a girl in that movie.

She is a bullied girl with a controversial story. She weighed about 300 pounds at that time. Well, not only her film is a masterpiece, but her personal life was also a miracle. She has lost weight of 150 pounds within a few years.

The strange is that what were the reasons behind precious weight loss? Is that easy for herself or not. We are going to answer all such questions. So, scroll down to find more knowledge about precious weight loss.

gabourey sidibe precious weight loss


Gabourey Sidibe weight loss (Precious actress weight loss  history)

She was born on 6 May 1983 in New York. Her parents Alice Tan Ridley and Ibnou Sidibe were also actresses. Her mother was a contestant in American’s Got Talent Season 5. Her father was a cab driver. She had parents, but she lived with her aunt Dorothy Pitman Hughes, a feminist activist.

Gabourey Sidibe worked in Fresh Air Fund. She has passed out from Mercy College and City College of New York.

Where did we find Precious weight loss  actress?

We find her in our favorite movies and TV shows. During his college, she finds an actress in herself. Luckily, she gave an audition for Precious in 2007. Its old name was Push. The story was based on Sapphire’s Novel. This story was about a young girl, suffering from poverty and physical torture. She was a victim in this film.

This movie received a high number of awards like the Cannes Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, People’s Choice Award, Oscar nominations and winner, Golden Gold Award, Academy Awards, and many others. She also played a role in Tower Heist, Yelling In The Sky, and more. She also worked in TV like American Dad season 8th, Indian Pop Music, Don’t Stop, etc.

Reasons behind for Precious weight loss:

Every woman has her self-respect. She wants to look beautiful than others. When a woman’s figure is not maintained, she is outdated, especially in the entertainment industry. No doubt, Gabourey is the best actress. She was ignored due to her heavy figure. Joan Cusack gave her suggestion to leave this industry.

She did not make for her. It may be a sincere suggestion, but she was broken after receiving such comments. She shocked. But it was not something inspiring.

She explained this in her book This Is Just My Face. She said there are so many reasons for me to lose weight. It took many years to understand her body.

She did it because she wants to wear dresses and shoes comfortably. She was tried to relieve her. She felt pain moving on the stairs. She also wants to be more beautiful. These all are the reasons behind precious weight loss.

How does Precious weight loss?


Precious weight loss is not less than any miracle. She had to change her lifestyle to change herself. She shared her surgery story with her fans on Instagram. There is a high number of obese people in America. Obese women are more than men. They opt for surgery. Gabourey opts for surgery because she has a high BMI, suffered from type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure, sleep apnea. She was shocked to know that her life is at risk. That was the primary reason that makes her health-conscious.

gabourey sidibe precious weight loss

1: Surgery.

Her doctor, a bariatric surgeon, suggested her to undergo weight loss surgery. The doctor removed 80% of her stomach space. After her surgery, she could not eat a large meal. She felt her stomach full after a small meal. She said surgery was not easy for her. With surgery, she also had to put more effort to lose weight. Read more to get more info regarding precious weight loss.

2: Diet

She hired a nutritionist to get healthier, lose weight. The surgery helped her, but she has to do more. She has to adopt a healthy diet. She shared on Instagram that she eliminates meals from her diet completely. She replaced rice, bread, sugar, salt with fruits and vegetables.

She has alternatives like:

  • Mushrooms: These are delicious. You can add mushroom to your diet in the place of high-calorie foods.
  • Tofu: Add it in place of meat.
  • Eggplant: Eggplant is also tasty. It fulfils the requirements of meat.
  • Beans and legumes: Make your favourite dishes with beans.
  • Potatoes: They are also useful in losing weight. But be careful, only homemade potato dishes are good to lose weight.

3: Avoid soda.

She loved to drink soda since her childhood. She drinks it with fries, chips, on some unhealthy snacks. These food choices were the reason for her weight gain. When she started working on her diet plan, she altogether avoided soda and replace it with a lemon drink. A Lemon drink is a drink of lemon slices in chilly water. It kept her dehydrated all day.

4: Eliminate junk

The second is that she eliminated junk food from her diet. She was used to eating processed foods like sweet bakery products, pizzas, burgers, sandwiches. She avoids all these and eats vegetables as an alternative.

5: Meal at the right time

It is an essential factor. Suppose you want to live healthy, set your meal timing. Do not eat after due timing. She was used to consuming 6-7 times meal a day. She does not drink too much. After her diet planning, she had to set 4 times of meals a day, breakfast, lunch, light snacks, and dinner time. She made a habit of drinking water before 30 minutes of the meal.

6: Eat-in portions

It is also very crucial. She used to overeat at a single mealtime. Then, she divided her food into portions. Cut its large time meal into little parts. It was useful for her.

7: Smaller plate

It is an exciting thing. When you eat on a small plate, your brain gives you a signal of your stomach full. It will help you to feel complete. Gabourey did the same thing and get benefits.

8: Avoid salt

Processed foods have more salt than a homemade meal. She had to limit her processed foods.

9: Avoid sugar

As you read, she had a habit of eating bakery foods like cupcakes, biscuits, Oreo, chocolate. She had type-2 diabetes. It was necessary to remove sugar from the diet. That’s why she avoided sugar.

10: Workout

After eating healthy, she had enough energy to exercise. A healthy diet is right for your health. But physical activity is also essential. It will boost your metabolism, help to burn calories fast. That’s why she hired a professional trainer. He helped to get back in shape and size.

She started cardio exercises like stain stepper, treadmill, and versa climber. She exercised for 30 minutes four times a week. She included exercises like leg press, lunges, squats, leg pull down, and barbell curl. She also used to do some simple activities like walking, running, swimming, and cycling.

Few last words

Gabourey is a Precious woman like her film’s name that reflects to precious weight loss. She is the name of a courageous woman. She has put negative criticism into a festive spirit. All the bullies gave her the aim of transformation.

She is a motivation for all of us after reading her true story. Anyone can achieve a healthier body. Take her as an inspiration, work on your body. Follow a more nutritious diet, make a habit of workout, and build a strong bonding with your body. You will see a transformation spirit in you.

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