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how to lose face fat

How to lose face fat?

It is challenging for us how to lose face fat. Face fat means the accumulation of excess fatty tissues on the face. It gives your face a rounder and fuller appearance. Chubby cheeks look cute. But facial fat and double chin are quite annoying and tedious to get rid of.

Spot reduction or losing fat only at the face is quite tricky, so one person must consider a complete weight loss regimen. It chooses a healthy lifestyle to see necessary changes to get that flattering, sharp facial features.

We have strategies that can show how to lose face fat. Your face will become slim.

How to lose face fat
How to lose face fat

Answers for how to lose face fat

There are best tips to lose face fat. Some of them are below.

1: Do exercise:

You can move your face to make it slimmer. It works by strengthening facial muscles, reducing fatty skin in the front.

Popular exercises are:

  • Puff your cheeks several times per day
  • Smile exercise is also useful. It tightens the cheeks. Clench your teeth for a few seconds. Do not squint your eyes. Then pucker your lips on alternatives sides. Repeat it several times.
  • Pucker your lips at least for five seconds. Hold the wrinkle on the right, then switch to the left side of your face.
  • Use temporary mouthwash technique.
  • Alternate your neck roll from both sides.
  • Do eye focus exercise. Focus on a single target and glance at it. It will make your eyebrows smooth.
  • Smile while clenching your tenth for several moments.

Facial exercises are useful to make your face slim. It helps to fight to age. Moreover, it also improves muscle strength. Anecdotal claims that facial practice is best to make your face thin.

Study reveals that facial muscle exercises twice a day for eight weeks increase muscle thickness and improves facial rejuvenation.

Aerobic exercise:

Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise is a type of physical activity that increases your heart rate. It is one of the most effective methods for face fat loss. It promotes face fat burning.

Cardiovascular exercise is an excellent idea about how to lose your face fat. Cardio speeds up your heart rate, increases your breathing more solemn than usual, and usually triggers some sweat. People should perform cardio exercises at a low, moderate, or high intensity.

“According to research, higher intensity cardiovascular workouts several times per week helps burn more fat.”

The intensity of aerobic exercise can be low, moderate, or high. The higher the intensity, the more fats you can burn. If you are short on time, try a high-intensity interval workout.

For example, running or biking as fast as you can for at least 1 minute. Then, increase your speed. You will get good results.

If there is no gym to do the workout, do not worry. There are many ways to do your cardio exercises, such as dancing, running, swimming, roller-skating, rock climbing, biking, kayaking, and karate classes.

“Perform cardiovascular or aerobic exercise at least 20-40 minutes for a day. You will experience greater face fat loss”.

2: Increase water intake:

Drinking water enhances your face fat loss. Research shows that drinking water before a meal decreases the intake of calories during dinner. Another research admits that drinking water increases the metabolism rate.

Get eight glasses per day for a healthy life!

A study found a strong relationship between drinking more water and burning calories. It will help you to understand how to lose face fat.

“A study in 2007 revealed that drinking a half-liter of cold water speeds up a participant’s metabolism by 24 percent for up to an hour afterward”.

That’s because when we drink cold water, our bodies put some effort into warming it to body temperature. Drinking water also helps to reduce puffiness. It also reduces bloating in your face since proper hydration decreases fluid retention.

3: Limit alcohol consumption:

It is one of the most significant contributors to face fat accumulation and bloating. Alcohol has high calories but low in nutrients. It is directly associated with the risk of weight gain.

Alcohol is an inflammatory substance. When you mix it with sugary ingredients and carbonation, it causes bloating, gas, fluid retention, and inflammation in your body. All of this can lead to a chubby face. Plus, the calories from alcohol add up quickly.

Alcohol also causes dehydration, which means your body is trying to hold fluid. It leads to puffiness in your face. Reducing your alcohol consumption can significantly help your face fat loss and other weight loss goals.

“Current U.S Dietary Guidelines for Americans issued limit of daily intake of alcohol.

Moderate drinking is defined as two drinks per day for men, and only one drink you women.”

4: Do not fat, refined carbs:

Refined carbs are a common cause of obesity. These carbs are rich in nutrients as well as sugar and cookies. They increase the risk of weight gain. A study of 277 women showed that a higher intake of refined carbs is directly associated with obesity and weight gain.

These are pasta, white rice, bread, cookies, crackers, chips, sugary drinks, and most baked goods and packaged snacks.

These foods have little nutritional value and cause blood sugar spikes. As a result, it causes cravings also triggers your body to store fat.

Instead, choose nutrient-dense, satisfying food items like whole grains and high fiber foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, and legumes.

5: Sleep Properly:

Sleeping is an essential factor in how to lose face fat. Sleep deprivation releases a stress hormone named “cortisol.” This hormone has many harmful effects, including weight gain. It slows metabolism.

Research describes that it increases appetite. It also alters metabolism. Eventually, results in fat storage.

“8 hours of sleep per night controls your weight and helps to burn face fat.”

A 2017 study founds a relationship between after-dinner snacking and weight gain.

Nighttime snacking not only increase your weight but also confuses your body’s circadian rhythms. It is linked to weight gain even when extra calories are not utilized.

Sadly, late night sleep is pretty common for most of us. Sleeplessness is visible on your face in the form of dark circles and puffy eyes, so getting 8 hours of rest can make your look even more beautiful.

6: Control your sodium intake:

Sodium causes your body to hold extra water, resulting in field retention.

“Processed foods contain more than 75% sodium.”

It causes swelling and puffiness in your face and other areas. Reducing your sodium intake helps you how to lose face fat.

The easiest way is to reduce your sodium intake is to eat fewer processed foods. According to a study, Americans get about 70 percent of their sodium intake from foods like packaged foods and restaurant foods.

So, avoid the chips, snacks, and frozen dinners and cook fresh and delicious meals yourself.

7: Eat more fibers:

Fiber is a compound present in plant foods. It moves slowly through your digestive tract. It leads to a decrease in your appetite. Hence, obesity controls. Soluble fiber is essential for face fat loss. These include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grain, and legumes.

“Science recommends taking at least 25-38 grams of fiber per day.”

8: Avoid sugar:

Sugar is not suitable for your health. It is the common factor involved in gain weight. A weight loss plan is incomplete without cutting back on calories, especially those sugar.

Scaling back your sugar intake will help control cravings, improve your overall appetite, and reduce the urge to binge. As a result, it leads to a track of how to lose face fat.

9: Get rid of overall body fat:

It is essential to losing overall body weight. It helps in how to lose your face fat. If you exercise regularly, you will also see changes to your face. It improves your health overall.

It can be just walking for 30 minutes daily. Or you can try the interval training program 3-5 days a week. Exercise helps to boost your metabolism, reduce overall fat, and slim your face.

Make sure that you do not eat junk food because exercise will take care of it. Exercise will strengthen the body and improve health. The practice is also good for your health overall.

10: Yoga Poses

Yoga postures are natural, effective, long-lasting, and quite a pain-less technique. But it will take more time than other facial exercises. They will show positive results if performed correctly.

Following are yoga poses:

Simha Mudra (Lion Pose)

Make your body figure as a lion and roars like a lion. It poses tones and stretches the facial muscles and loses fats from the area near the thyroid glands.

trivia Bandha (Locked Tongue Pose)

Try to swallow something invisible. Open your mouth wide till you feel a stretch in your throat and neck muscles. Relax for a minute and repeat five times.

This pose helps ton all the facial muscles while bestowing you with a chiseled face and a defined jawline.

11: Applying make-up:

Females have an advantage. They can make their face slim by using make-up. Contouring is a well-known technique.

12: Smile more:

Happy life has a healthy life. So, try to smile more. It will release good hormones. These hormones help positively to reduce weight loss.

13: Ketosis diet:

Ketosis diet is best to lose weight. In this state, your body transfers its fuel system from carbohydrate to ketosis diet. Ketosis diet uses all the stored glucose. Then, the body uses fats as fuel. Fat loss helps to lose weight.

Pro tips:

From blowing balloons to hot towel treatments, there are many ways how to lose face fat.

  • Blow a balloon and release the air in it, and repeat this ten times. You will notice a change in 5 days.
  • Chew sugar-free gum for at least 20 minutes twice a day. It works as a facial exercise. It will burn calories and tone your face.
  • You can also try a facial massage using oil to stimulate blood circulation in the face.


Last words:

We are so blessed to have beautiful facial features. The chubby face looks pretty. You want to know how to lose face fat. You no need to worry if your face is round. You can get a slim face by just following the above instructions. You just need to change your lifestyle. Daily exercise, drinking water, avoiding alcohol, cardio exercises, intake of fats, and sleeping well are the factors that can contribute to losing face fat.

Moreover, change your routine. Add some healthy habits in your life that will make your face fat loss and lose your body weight. In the end, we suggest you smile more.


All the very best to get a healthy lifestyle.


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