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How many calories does tanning burn in 1 day

How many calories does tanning burn

How many calories does tanning burn is a question in our mind. When we talk about tanning, we find two reviews. Some people take it as the resource of melanin. Other groups of people associate it with the burn of calories.

Can tanning burn calories? Is there any truth in it or not. If it is true then how many calories does tanning burn?

Calories burn is also related to high physical activity. You can do any exercise to warm up your body. It causes sweat. Tanning also causes sweat. That’s why most people think that it can also cause calories to burn. It ultimately leads to losing weight.

First of all, we highlight the content of this article.

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  • Heat regulation and metabolism
  • How many calories does tanning burn?
  • Are tanning and sweating helpful to lose weight?
  • Advantages of sweat during the tanning
  • Disadvantages of sweat during the tanning
  • Do you burn more calories in sunbathing?
  • Fat burning benefits
  • Tanning and calories
  • Interesting facts about tanning

Let’s do deep study in the search for truth.

Heat regulation and metabolism

All species lie in categories. They may be warm-blooded or hot-blooded. We, humans, are warm-blooded. Out body responds to external temperature.

It maintains internal temperature as well. You experience your body sweat during high temperatures. While you shiver in cold.

Your body responds to every change. In humid temperatures, your body loosens muscles. It lowers your metabolism. It reduces adrenaline production.

Let’s talk about metabolism. Do you know what is metabolism?

Metabolism is a chemical breakdown process. This process breaks the food and converts it into energy. Then your body uses this energy.

Heat regulation is also called thermal regulation. The energy your body needs to work is Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). You are moving or resting, BMR is necessary. You know your body also has active BMR while sleeping too.

We are talking about heat regulation and metabolism. Because it is related to tanning. Our body uses BMR during tanning. So the question is how many calories does tanning burn.

How many calories does tanning burn?

Tanning is always associated with the golden color. You often think that tanning changes body color. You never find that it also helps to lose weight. Is it helpful or not?

The reason is that sweating is not a prominent sign of losing weight. We are often mistaken. We take sweat as the symbol of calories burn. It is but not in all cases.

When we talk about how many calories does tanning burn, we have different answers. We find the authentic one. It is a subquery of the question “can tanning burn calories”. The answer is YES. It burns calories but not efficient to lose weight.

Tanning is a chemical process that speeds up melanin’s production. It does not mean that you are burning enough calories to lose weight.

The answer to how many calories does tanning burn is:

“Tanning burn 53 calories per hour”.

You know you can burn the same number of calories while sitting in front of the television. Tanning is not a prominent way to reduce excess fats. However, it is helpful to burn few calories.

This topic clears doubtfulness against how many calories does tanning burn.

Are tanning and sweating helpful to lose weight?

Yes, they are helpful. Both are different from each other. Tanning is a type of sunbathing. While sweating is your body’s temperature regulation mechanism.

You assume that sweat means you are losing weight. Not much. It depends on the activity that produces sweat. If you have sweat during exercise, it means you are losing weight. Same in the case of any other physical activity.

In the case of tanning, your body burns only 53 calories.

During tanning, sweat is harmful. Shedding water means your body suffering from dehydration. Your body suffers from severe health issues. That’s why you should take a drink or natural juice during tanning.

Advantages of sweat during the tanning

The main advantage of sweating is that it cools your body. Other benefits are:

  • It is a sign of healthy skin.
  • It speeds up the blood regulation in the skin.
  • It helps oxygen to flow through the skin pores.
  • It helps nutrients to move in the skin.

Now you have a lot of reasons for tanning. It is highly beneficial for you. Go for tanning at least one time a week.

Disadvantages of sweat during the tanning

The main disadvantage of sweating is dehydration. Other causes are:

  • Extreme fatigue
  • Misunderstanding
  • Urination
  • Low or high pulse
  • Convulsion
  • Loss of senses

Symptoms for a medical emergency during the tanning

  • High fever
  • Belly pain
  • Shortage of breath
  • Greater heartbeat

Maintain your diet while tanning. Always take any natural drink during tanning. If these symptoms appear, consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Do you burn more calories in sunbathing?

Hot water is the optimum condition for your calories burn. In the cold temperature, you need to warm up first. Then you perform exercises. It burns low calories than at low temperatures.

In the hot temperature, your body is already warm. Performing exercise under the sun is a plus. It burns double the number of calories than in cold temperatures.

This type of sweating is good. It burns calories and results in weight loss.

Tanning is beneficial or not?

Tanning is helpful. It burns calories as sunburns. We told above that tanning does not burn enough calories to lose weight. Keep in mind, tanning warms your body the same as the sun does. The difference is that laying under on the tanning bed burns only 53 to 60 calories per hour. If you perform exercises, you can increase the calories burn.

Tanning and calories

How many calories does tanning burn depends on various factors? It depends on age and activities performed during tanning. As we told you, only lying on a tanning bed is not enough. If you are walking or running, you burn more calories. You will burn 60 to 100 calories per hour.

Interesting tips about tanning

Tanning is fun. We have some interesting tips about how many calories does tanning burn.

Following are these:

  • You are playing badminton in a building, you burn 135 calories in an hour.
  • You play on a beach, tanning, you burn about 150 calories in an hour.

There is a little bit of difference in calories burned.

Last review

How many calories does tanning burn create confusion? Tanning is the phenomenon of melanin’s production. It makes your skin deeper.

When we talk about tanning, a change of color comes in our mind. You know tanning also burns few calories. Yes, few but it burns calories.

You might think that its cause is sweating. Not it does not. Sweating is another process of temperature regulation of the body. Sweat is a sign of losing weight only during high physical activity. Otherwise, it is just a body function.

Tanning helps to lose only 53 calories per hour. You can burn more calories if you play volleyball or any other sport. You can also burn more calories by only walking or running.

Enjoy tanning with us..!!

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