How to make yourself throw up

How to make yourself throw up

How to make yourself throw up

When we eat something terrible, poison, or harmful, our first preference is to throw it instantly. It is your best action at that time. Throw up, also called vomiting, barf, Yuk, puke, hurl or heave. Some people called it forceful vomiting. It is not something funny in it. It may be a symptom of any disease or disorder.

Parents usually keep any syrup. It is thick in concentration and helps children to throw up. The doctor also suggests that throw up is necessary after the intake of something bad for you.

Follow us to know how to make yourself throw up when you inhale something toxic.

When does it necessary to throw up?

Remember that your body has its excretion system. This system removes the trash to clean our internal system at regular intervals. If you swallow toxic or harmful, you have to make yourself throw up. If the condition is severe, consult your doctor at that moment. Inducing vomiting has some detrimental effects like:

  • It can damage your mouth tissues.
  • It causes dehydration.
  • It can mix poison to your stomach.
  • It leads to a chemical burn.
  • It also causes inhalation into the lungs.

How to make yourself throw up: Common causes:

Following are some common causes of throw-up or vomiting:

¦ Gastroenteritis: It is also called stomach flu. It is due to a virus named noroviruses. These are spread from undercooked meals, fruits, or vegetables. It can also transmit to the infected person.

Take water more during this condition to compete with dehydration. It often takes 2-3 days to recover.

¦ Food poison: It is caused due to bacteria. It spread from rotten eggs and spoil food. Common bacteria include E.coli, Listeria, and Salmonella.

Take rest or drink more during this infection. It takes three days to heal.

¦ Motion Sickness: It is caused due to abnormal eating. You feel waves in your stomach.

Carbonated drinks and fresh air is useful for dealing with motion sickness.

¦ Ear Infection: Yes, Ear infection also causes stomach imbalance. It also induces vomiting or nausea.

You can maintain it by taking some antibiotics.

¦ Acid Reflux: It is the movement of food upward. It can cover by using antacids and some surgeries.

¦ Stress: Anxiety, social anxiety, stress, and depression induce vomiting. It is not a very serious problem. You can keep its balance by using some strategies like meditation.

When does it make you throw up?

Humans are the only creatures that vomit truly. The brain sends signals to the stomach. The stomach propels the blood upward. It is the process of vomiting.

Vomiting happens typically in the form of three events.

Nausea is the sensational irritation of the stomach. Sometimes, it induces vomiting. On the contrary, it does not always lead to vomiting.

Nausea treatment:

When you feel nausea, you will feel vomiting; you put pressure on you to throw up. It does not help you in many cases.

Following are some advice to reduce nausea:

Breathing:  Calm yourself. Take a long and deep breath. Hold it for 5-10 seconds. Then exhale. It will help you to reduce nausea.

Change your taste:  Eat something tasty like snacks or chips to change your mouth’s taste.

Wrist pressure:  Press your wrist gently and slowly to reduce nausea.

Cool yourself:  Turn on your fan. Lowering your body’s temperature also helps to reduce your nausea.

1: Retching

Stomach contracts rapidly and causes pain. It is called retching.

2: Vomiting

Vomiting is when the stomach throws its content through the mouth directly.

How to make yourself throw up?

You can make yourself throw up:

1: With finger

Push your finger on the back of your tongue. You will feel a gag reflex action. This action triggers throw up.

2: Without fingers

Drink Coca Cola and mineral water to make yourself throw up without fingers.

3: With saltwater

Make a solution of water and salt. Salt must be one tablespoon. Inhale it in one sip. You will feel waves in your stomach. These waves make you throw up.

4: With a toothbrush

It is the same as you make yourself throw up with your finger. Take the toothbrush back to your tongue to induce throwing up.

5: Think about vomiting

Imagine vomiting. It is an exciting phenomenon to make yourself throw up.

6: Gargle with egg white

Uncooked egg irritates many of us. So, gargle with egg white in your mouth make yourself throw up.

7: Expose yourself to bad smell

Bad smell is the old way for it. As discussed above, the egg is also helpful. Its smell helps you to throw up.

8: With baking soda

Make its solution with water. Drink it in one sip. It is beneficial in this regard.

9: Use mustard solution

You will feel it throw up instantly if you drink the mustard solution.

10: With bloodroot herb

It is a traditional cure hub. Make its solution with water. Take it, and you will feel movements in your belly. It leads you on how to make yourself throw up.

What to do after throw up?

It is necessary to wash after throwing up. Try to take a bath with hot water. Blow your nose to clean rough material. You are frequently drinking water to clean your mouth’s smell.

Following are some necessary precautions after throw up:

 -Drink water

Rehydrate yourself after throwing up. It is better to take hot water.

-Clean your mouth

Clean your mouth with water. Brush your teeth at least 30 minutes after throwing up.

-Take herbal tea

Take some hot drink to clean your stomach. But avoid sugar. I prefer ginger tea. It will not only relax your stomach as well as improve your digestion.

Take green tea

Green tea is a good alternative. Add lemon to it for the best results. It also helps to improve digestion.

Stop eating too much

Throwing up is the result of abnormal food. Throwing up makes your stomach disturb. So, avoid eating after it.

Take rest

Throwing up takes your high energy. Must follow the precautions and take bed rest for some time.

Side effects:

Throwing up is sometimes useful, but not always. Excessive throwing up cause side effects like:

  • Dehydration

When you throw up, you lose a lot of water. It is one of its significant side effects. Your body is deficient in water. So, keep drinking water after throw up.

  • Aspiration pneumonia

Throw up leads to aspiration pneumonia. It is a condition in which an abnormal amount of trash is entering in lungs. It swallows the air pipe. You feel pain when you take breathing. Must reach to the doctor after throw up.

  • Tearing in the throat

In this condition, you feel something is stuck in your throat. It raptures the esophageal canal. The patient starts vomiting blood. So, we recommend you not to make yourself throw up before a doctor consultation. This condition is also called Mallory-Weiss syndrome (MWS).

  • Burning throat

It is frequent burning in the through or chest. It is also named gastroesophageal reflux disease (GRD).

  • Enamel erosion

Burning throat leads to tooth enamel erosion. Yes, it truly happens. You knew acids are present in the stomach. These acids are too dangerous to destroy your teeth.

Ways to reduce vomiting:

Your body has a unique mechanism. Sometimes, vomiting or throw up is necessary. But it is not always right for your body.

Follow these tips to reduce throw-up:

  • Lay down or sit down
  • Relax and avoid physical activities
  • Eat something sweet
  • Avoid alcohol, caffeine, drugs, etc.
  • Take a cold drink
  • Avoid spicy food items
  • Deep breathing exercises
  • Follow the BRAT diet
  • B for banana
  • R for rice
  • A for apples
  • T for toast

Serious condition to consult a doctor:

If you feel severe or severe symptoms, consult your doctor.

Following are these:

  • Chest pain
  • Suffocation
  • Head trauma
  • Stroke
  • Bleeding
  • Vision loss
All of these are life-threatening symptoms. It would help if you took care of it instantly.


We tell you all about how to make yourself throw up. Throw up is vomiting. We throw up when we inhale something poison, toxic, or harmful. You should throw up at that moment. It may be due to stomach flu, food poison, stress, acid reflux, or ear infection. You feel nausea to induce vomit. It irritates you. You want to get rid of. We help you to do throw up.

We suggest various ways to answer how to make yourself throw up. You can throw up with a finger, toothbrush, salt intake, baking soda, or smelling something terrible. You can use socks or eggs for bad smell use.

After throwing:

  1. Clean yourself with hot water.
  2. Drink green tea or ginger tea.
  3. Brush your teeth after thirty minutes of throwing up.

Throwing up is not always right. It can cause severe or severe disorders, i.e., dehydration, aspiration pneumonia, tearing in the throat, burning throat, and enamel erosion. So, try to reduce the chances of throwing up. You can use the BRAT diet, limit alcohol, avoid sweets, and lay down on the bed.

 But if throwing up shows severe symptoms, consult your doctor at that moment.
How to make yourself throw up
How to make yourself throw up

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