Covid birthday ideas, Best 12 birthday ideas during covid 19

Covid birthday ideas

Covid birthday ideas

Covid birthday ideas are a necessary thing during covid 19 today. It is a lockdown season. Covid has jam our lives. We stuck in our houses.

Let me highlight the outline of birthday ideas during covid first.


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At the end of the article, you will get an explanation of these covid birthday ideas.

Best 12 birthday ideas during covid 19

  1. Organize a virtual hangout
  2. Send any present to birthday your friend
  3. Wish them on their lawn
  4. Throw a parade as a gift
  5. Send their favorite food
  6. Order a gift for them
  7. Decorate the lawn
  8. Host a driving party
  9. Organize a virtual scavenger hunt
  10. Surprise video compilation
  11. Arrange camping outside
  12. Change your routine
  13. Arrange a quarantine theme party
  14. Set an outside theater
  15. Contact the party organizers
  • Few last words
  • Your birthday gift

It is a big problem for some people for the people who have a birthday during covid. You are one of them. You are sad and thinking about skipping your birthday party. We are giving you a lot of covid birthday ideas.


Your covid birthday will become a great memory. Nobody can forget this special and unique celebration.

Birthday is a very special festival for everyone.. Everyone wants to celebrate it with full enthusiasm. So, we are here to present our covid birthday ideas. Do not be sad. Stay with us and pick one of these ideas to celebrate your birthday with full zeal.

Best birthday ideas during covid

These are birthday party ideas during covid. You can choose what you like most.

1: Organize a virtual hangout

Technology has made our life easy. Now, we are not far away from our loved ones. You can easily make a call to your friends and family.

Covid birthday ideas take us to the virtual pathway. There are various apps for video calls, i.e., zoom, Google meets, MS team, etc. You can organize a virtual meeting for your friends. For zoom birthday wishes, use customized background. You can give a surprise to your friend by illuminating virtual lights.

Now, it’s your turn to schedule a virtual meeting for a birthday celebration. It is something unique.


2: Send a present for your birthday friend.

Covid birthday ideas help you to celebrate your birthday in covid. You can maintain your social distance and also celebrate your special day.

Your friend has a birthday this coming Wednesday. You do not think about how to wish him. You do need to worry. Just order a birthday customized gift for him. Post this gift to the birthday person. This surprise wishes him in the best way that he never forgets that.


3: Wish them on their lawn

Your friend’s birthday is tomorrow. You cannot plan any birthday party due to covid precautions. Despite this fact, you have better covid 19 birthday ideas. You can decorate his lawn with lightning. You can show a great flashcard of birthday wishes.


4: Throw a parade as a birthday gift

Your best friend wants a big birthday celebration. You can make her happy easily by just picking this idea. Throw a parade of flowers and balloons over the window. This idea indeed works. Then, make a live video to wish her loudly.


5: Send their favorite food

You cannot deny the importance of favorite food. It does not matter how your mood is or how you are feeling. You become happy if your closest send you a surprise gift. The surprise gift is your favorite food.

Covid birthday ideas cake

This idea works for all people. Your birthday friend will never forget this birthday.


6: Order a gift for them

A gift always makes us happy. They also make our relationship strong. You have seen it in movies. Hero purpose a girl with any gift. And that girl says YES.

Same in real life. Gift changes the mood entirely. Every person loves to take and give gifts. You can send a birthday gift present to your friend. It will make this birthday memorable.


7: Decorate the lawn

The decoration is the key to happiness. We all become happy on seeing decoration. It is also an easy and cheap way to wish someone. The best thing is that you do not want to physically. You can quickly want for a birthday.

You can decorate your lawn with lightning, flowers, or illumination.


8: Host a driving party

It is an exciting idea for all covid birthday ideas. The long drive is a favorite for all. We enjoy riding, driving, or hiking.

You can celebrate your birthday by driving too. Call your friends for a driving party. All of your plans for a single destination. It may be beech, any restaurant, or any other place.


9: Organize a virtual scavenger hunt

Make your day special with virtual gaming. Plan a virtual game. Invite all of your friends. It makes you exciting. We all feel pleasure to play games. But with games, it is something extraordinary.

To schedule a virtual scavenger hunt with your lovely friends.


10:Surprise video compilation

Friends and family are a particular part of our lives. We find ways to make them happy. Birthday is a special occasion for showing love for them.

The video compilation is one of the best ideas in covid birthday ideas. Compile a video of pics. Add a birthday song in this video. Now, send this video to your birthday friend.


11: Arrange camping outside the house

Covid has stopped us from social meetings. We have to follow precautions. So the question is how to celebrate in this situation. We have many covid birthday ideas.

Covid fails to limit our love and friendships. We can celebrate by camping outside the house. Pitch a tent on the lawn or outside your home. Decorate it with lighting. Arrange a bone fire. Try some food on this fire.

It is one of the best ideas to wish any friend.


12: Change your routine

Life is full of obstacles. Do not waste it in waiting for other’s wishes. Wish yourself differently and uniquely.

Change your routine. Leave hectic routine. Take a different breakfast than practice. Cook or bake something for yourself. Treat yourself differently.


13: Arrange a quarantine theme party

Covid limits our life to some extent. It is up to you how you take it. You either take it as depression or a blessing.

Take your quarantine time as a blessing. Organize a party based on a quarantine theme party. Invite your friends. Give them instructions like wear a mask and maintain social distance—order food instead of baking a large quantity of food.

Your friends will never forget this quarantine theme party. It is something unique.


14: Set up an outside theater

The best movie changes our mood. On a particular day, the outdoor theater is a unique idea in covid birthday ideas.

Take a monitor and feed a favorite movie. Arrange a big projector outside your house. Now, you can enjoy your special day with your friends with social distance.


15: Contact party organizers

We gave you many covid birthday ideas. The last one is that you can contact party organizers. The party organizers are professionals. They know very well how to arrange a birthday party by following covid precautions.

Hire party organizers and celebrate your special day with your friends and family.


Few last words

We have so many covid birthday ideas. Life is full of happiness. We can make it more charming by celebrating a special occasion.

Birthday is one of our special days. Everyone wants to celebrate it at every cost. Due to covid, we all have to maintain social distance. We need to wear a mask to cover our faces. It is necessary for a healthy life in this crucial stage of life. Take any of these ideas and see the magic in yourself.

You can decorate your house or lawn. You can organize a virtual party. The outdoor theater is also a good idea. Moreover, you can hire party organizers for your birthday arrangements. You can also arrange a unique party on a quarantine theme.

Your birthday gift

Covid birthday ideas gift

Your birthday is in the covid season. And we have a surprise gift for you. This article is your advance birthday gift. Do not become depressed. Pick any one of the above covid birthday ideas.


All of the ideas are good enough to celebrate one’s birthday. We wish you a very blessed birthday with this article as a birthday present.

Do not forget to follow precautions.

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