Asthma vs covid 19 symptoms, Best 3 action plan

Asthma vs covid 19 symptoms

Asthma vs covid 19 symptoms is an essential element in coronavirus news. The symptoms of asthma flare due to seasonal change. It confuses asthma patients that they have more chances to have the covid infection. There are many superstitions, likewise. We are going to clear all this.

Let’s find the truth behind this discussion.

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After reading this article, you will know all about asthma vs covid 19 symptoms.

  • Asthma vs covid 19
  • Guard your lungs
  • Asthma action plan
  1. Green zone
  2. Yellow zone
  3. Red zone
  • Asthma vs covid 19 symptoms
  • Why is it necessary to find about asthma vs covid 19 symptoms?
  • Healthy tips for treating asthma vs covid 19 symptoms
  • Precautions from covid with asthma
  • Conclusion


The reason for the confusion is due to having mutual symptoms like a shortage of breathing. Here, we want to clear one thing: the chances of covid infection are the same for all. It does not matter you have an asthma problem or not. The coronavirus infects all equally. We can say the persons with medical history have weak immunity. That’s why they do not respond to any infection effectively.

Everyone needs to follow precautions. We all should wear a mask, use gloves, and maintain social distance. Do not forget this essential proverb: Care is better than cure.

Kindly read the full article for your safety.

Asthma vs covid 19 symptoms

Asthma vs Covid 19

Asthma does not provide a route to coronavirus. It just makes it more sensitive if coronavirus attack. The infection becomes more complicated with asthma.

You know coronavirus affects the respiratory tract, including the nose, throat, and lungs. Its infection is similar to any other virus like influenza. Coronavirus precipitates with asthma and causes severe pneumonia. The situation may worse lead to chronic respiratory failure. It is acute respiratory distress syndrome (ASDS).


Guard your lungs

With covid, your lungs are at high risk. Especially in covid, you have to make sure about your lungs health.


Asthma action plan

With regular medication and precautions, set an asthma action plan. Otherwise, ask your doctor to give you an asthma action plan.

We prepared an action plan for you. We divide step into colored zones.

1: Green zone

It is a healthy zone. You are breathing well.

  • You are free from coughing or sneezing.
  • Sleeping without any discomfort.
  • You can easily play, word, and do exercise.

With these symptoms, you are going well. Just focus on your regular medication and treatment.


2: Yellow zone

It is a phase of following precautions.

  • You have the first sign of a cold.
  • You may expose to any asthma trigger.
  • You have a cough, tightness during the night.

If you have these symptoms, follow precautions. Increase your asthma medication. Keep the inhaler with yourself. Take inhaler frequently. If you do not make sure about this, contact your doctor.


3: Red zone

It is the danger zone.

  • Things are getting worst. Regular medications are not working anymore.
  • Your breathing is irregular.
  • You can speak.
  • In children, their ribs become visible with breathing.

In this zone, contact your doctor on the spot. Do not wait for the doctor. Go for an emergency.


Asthma and covid 19 symptoms

Unfortunately, there are several cases that the patients have both asthma and covid 19. We find symptoms that will help you to differentiate between asthma and covid.

Following are asthma and covid 19 symptoms:

  1. Coronavirus has symptoms of fever, body aches, difficulty in breathing, and dry and rough cough. While asthma neither causes fever nor body aches. It causes only respiratory illness.
  2. Asthma causes pressure, wheeze, and tightness on the chest. This symptom is less likely in covid 19 situations.
  3. Some people have asthma due to seasonal changes. This type is due to any allergy. Coughing, sneezing, and shortage of breath are its symptoms. But here fever is asthma vs covid 19 symptoms.
  4. Patients with long asthma history can feel flare in both infections. They do not have a difference in asthma vs covid 19 symptoms. Covid can accelerate asthma. If the patient has severe asthma, go to the doctor, and do the covid test.


Why is it necessary to find about asthma vs covid 19 symptoms?

Asthma patients should control their asthma in covid days. They should also follow precautions to keep themselves safe in the future. If you have normal asthma conditions, your lungs will work effectively. It makes you strong against any infection.

Coronavirus slows down the lungs working about 90%. So, the controlled asthma makes your lungs functions correctly with 90 to 95 %. Your lungs can combat with coronavirus, about 60%. Compare this situation with poorly controlled lungs. You will get an idea that your lungs functions slow down nearly 30 to 40 %.

Now, you are clear about the importance of knowing asthma vs covid 19 symptoms.


Healthy tips for treating asthma vs covid 19 symptoms

In the covid 19 seasons, every person with asthma or without asthma needs proper precautions. Severe asthma condition leads you to covid infection. It is due to coughing or sneezing. We have the following healthy tips for dealing with asthma vs covid 19 symptoms.

  • Keep your asthma well controlled through medication. Use inhalers on time.
  • Prevent your nose and eyes allergy-free.
  • Do not skip or change your asthma medications.
  • Make sure to store asthma medicines for at least 30 days. In the case of a lockdown, you will get the benefit of it.
  • Stay away from your asthma triggers like pollens. Do not go outside in the afternoon.
  • Pets like dogs and cats are also cause of allergy. So, remove your pets from your bedrooms—Limit physical contact with them.
  • Anxiety and depression can also trigger asthma. So stay cool. Do not take stress about anything. If you have any problems, share your situation with your friends and family. You can consult with any therapist for a permanent solution.
  • Disinfectants are also a cause of asthma. Do not go to the place of disinfection. Ensure all of the things are clean and disinfected, i.e. remote, slippers, light switches, desks, keyboard, toilets, etc.
  • Keep your nebulizer clean.
  • Use inhaler frequently.
  • Stay away from asthma triggers like smoking, pollens, or air pollution.
  • Avoid close contact.
  • If symptoms are not under control, go to your specialist. Take a covid test. Follow all the precautions.

The important thing is that you can control your asthma and covid in different ways. Take proper medications and follow the guidance of your health consultant.


Precautions from covid with asthma

As we explained, the covid attack is not different for asthma patients and an average person. Likewise, precautions are also not different. Both have to follow precautions to maximize their safety.

  • Cover your face with a mask.
  • Use sanitizer.
  • Wear gloves.
  • Take regular and proper medications.
  • Surface disinfection.
  • Hand washing
  • Maintaining social distance.


Conclusion for asthma vs covid 19 symptoms

Asthma vs covid 19 symptoms is a common discussion nowadays. The asthma patients confuse with symptoms. They do not know about the exact problem and solution.

We cannot deny the importance of life. Life is not less than a blessing. We should not spend it in improper ways. We all can understand this due to covid 19. Especially if you are a patient of asthma, you know it very well.

Our topic focuses on the health of asthma patients. As covid reaches, we find several myths around us. Similarly, people have myth than covid 19 and asthma are same. Another myth is that they think asthma patients have higher chances of covid than any healthy person.

The good news is that these all are just myths or superstitions. Suppose you or any of your loved ones have asthma, no need to worry at all. The chances of covid infection are equal for both healthy or any asthma patient.

Asthma vs covid symptoms is nearly the same, i.e. shortage of breath. The fever is only one symptom that makes a difference. Asthma does not cause fever. At the same time, fever is a prominent symptom of covid.

Precautions are also the same for asthma vs covid symptoms. For asthma patients, lung care is an additional precaution, along with all other covid precautions.

We prepared three colored zones for your asthma care. Must follow any asthma plan. It may be our recommended plan or may be given by our doctor.

Our healthy tips are easy to adopt. Kindly follow those healthy tips and recommend others too.

Best wishes in this covid season.


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