Major public health issues in 2021

Public health issues are increasing day by day. We all care about our health. All these health issues need to be addressed. We all become conscious when we have a fever. From fever to influenza, there are a large number of such issues. So public health issues are a major concern nowadays. Researches are conducted to find these issues. Then, health organizations work on them. We thank all the health workers for being available all the time.

Major public health issues
Major public health issues

List of public health issues

Some of the major public health issues are the following;

1: COVID-19:

Covid-19 is common and harmful among current public health issues 2019. In that year, we all remember the day when we encountered a new pandemic. It affected humans in the city of Wuhan in China. Initially, it was just in China. Then, it becomes the Worldwide pandemic names as COVID-19. It is caused by a virus known as “Corona.” More than two million individuals died in 17 countries.

This pandemic realizes the importance of health workers. It highlights the major medical areas that need more updates. It challenges the health care infrastructure.

The WHO reported many precautionary measurements for COVID-19. These are the following:


  • You should cover your mouth and nose with a mask
  • Do not touch your face
  • Maintain social distance
  • Do not go to crowded areas
  • Use sanitizer

If you have tested positive corona test, isolate yourself for at least 14 days. If you do not get well after 14 days, consult with the doctor.


2: Food illness

According to the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), food illness is one of the top public health issues. The USA is a developed country, but there is also a food illness.

It results in about 3000 deaths annually.”

It is due to expensive food and low income. The Department of agriculture USA pays $156 billion due to food ill. It is impossible to prevent. The CDC and USDA are contributing to food illness regularly. It leads to chronic malnutrition and obesity.

3: Healthcare-associated issues

Healthcare is a very popular one in public health issues. Health is the right of everyone. Most people do not access to their primary health. Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP) of USA reported many reasons for the health-related issues:

  • Expensive health treatment
  • Inadequate insurance coverage
  • Lack of awareness

Then, the ODPHP took notice of all these challenges.

4: Antibiotic-resistant microbes

According to de Bernardi Schneider, antimicrobial microbes are a significant issue not only in America but worldwide. These are also called “superbugs.” They are considered among common public health issues. They resist the treatment of various infections like viral infections. These are bacteria, viruses, parasites, and fungi resist the medicine to treat a disease. This disease includes Tuberculosis, HIV, and Malaria. So, the patients should complete their full course of antibiotics.

It is an effective antibiotic. These drugs resist due to overuse of antimicrobials in patients.

There is another problem that developing countries do not have well-developed laboratory systems. Now, the CDC is playing a role in awareness. A mega project has started to give prevention to such patients.


5: Alcohol

Alcohol has a major role in creating public health issues. Nowadays, it is continuously increasing. It is common for children under 18 to an older person. It is equally common in men and women. Alcohol causes severe issues like high blood pressure, liver infection, kidney failure, digestive problems, diabetes, cancer, and mental issues. It leads to death.

It also a significant cause of social and moral issues.

6: Heart issues and stokes 

More than 2300 people die in America due to heart issues daily. Strokes have become the cause of death every 3.7 minutes. More than 389 people die per day due to a stroke.”

It is the direst condition. Its major causes are:

  • Smoking
  • Physical inactiveness
  • Nutritional issues
  • Overweight

Health organizations are working to cope with cardio issues. They announced projects of about $1 trillion till 2035 for managing major public health issues in America.

7: Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS/HIV)

It is a very dangerous one among public health issues, sexually transmitted disease. Millions of people die due to AIDS. HIV leads to AIDS. It directly affects the white blood cells. It destroys a person’s immune system. It is transmitted due to used medical instruments and blood transfusion. It can be treated well but required precautions. A person should not be treated with the used medical tools. It was observed in 1983.

8: Drug abuse and opioid epidemic

It is a well-known carrier that causes the creation of public health issues. Drug abuse is drug overdose. These epidemics, such as oxycodone and hydrocodone, were the leading cause of death.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) suggested the following measurements control drug abuse:

  • Establishment of rehabilitation centres
  • Use of reversing drugs
  • Alternative methods to relieve pain

All these can be applied by making a bridge between the community and health workers.

9: Tobacco misuse

It is one of the most dangerous among major public health issues. According to the CDC, tobacco resists the treatment of various diseases. It also causes disability.

It is a primary health concern for doctors. It is a major cause of kidney disorders, liver infection, heart issues, and the stomach wall’s destruction.

Various measurements should adopt to deal with tobacco issues. A high tax on tobacco products will help to reduce its misuse.

10: Nutrition and physical activity

Good nutrition can give you a healthy life. Many of the people live below the poverty line. So, they do not have proper food to eat. On the opposite, most people have a bad habit of overeating. Both of these cases are the cause of unhealthy nutrition that results in creating public health issues.

Proper diet is essential for our body. A low diet leads to various diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, irregular growth pattern, or many other health issues. Diet more than your body requirements leads to other major problems.

11: Obesity

Eating food more than your body requirements leads to obesity. More than 93.3 million American adults suffered from obesity. It is also a common problem in children. About 13.7 million children effected due to obesity. It causes serious health problems like hypertension, type 2 diabetes, chronic heart diseases, colon cancers, etc.

You can treat it by following these rules:

  • Morning walk
  • Regular exercise
  • Proper diet according to your body weight

These points highlight its root-cause that is physical inactivity

12: Environmental issues

Environmental effects contribute to many health issues. Environmental are contaminated day by day. It includes pollution, whether it is air pollution or water or land. It has a terrible impact. Air pollution leads to respiratory disorders.

13: Social isolation

According to the National Institute of Aging, loneliness is the primary cause of high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, and a wide range of mental issues. It has a terrible impact. It is more common in older age persons.

14: Mental health

Mental health is one of the dangerous public health issues that is not treated well nowadays. It is due to a lack of awareness. There are many other causes like people treat external injuries or their body issues. But they do not consider their mental problems. It includes Alzheimer’s disease, imaging, overthinking, loneliness, extra sensitivity, and many others.

15: Violence and trauma

Violence also hurts our lives. It leads to severe issues like sleep disturbance, cognitive disabilities, depression, suicide, destruction. So these are also considered in public health issues. Many NGOs are working on mental health issues. They are providing counselling to these patients.

16: Climate change

We change our lifestyle concerning climate change. According to WHO, our life is on threat due to climate change. It includes our requirements like clean air, clean water, and shelter.

17: Teen pregnancy

Public health issues have a terrible impact worldwide. It is an alarming situation for our society. Girls do not have a sense of how to spend their life. It is due to many reasons.

There should be aware that this is not the age of childbirth. Teen girls do not have support and confidence. They have trust issues. A mother, or a teacher, or any friend should play a role for the teens.


Public health issues are broad in range. We all have to contribute equally to combat these issues. One person cannot do anything. But all can do something. It is related to our loved ones and us. Preventive measurements should adopt to safe from disease. Cleanliness is key to a safe and healthy life. Public Health issues are a major cause of death.

Alcohol, drug abuse, road accidents, pollution nutrition, and obesity are typical examples of Public Health issues. Their reason is our lifestyle. So, we all need to update our lifestyle. Covid-19 is the best example. Now it has become a Global Health issue. You know much better about its precautions. The use of sanitizer and masks has become a habit. We must follow the precautions. We should help health workers.

Do not forget this proverb. “Care is better than cure.”


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