How to lose weight fast for men, Best 21 weight loss tips

How to lose weight fast for men, Best 21 weight loss tips

How to lose weight fast for men is an emerging question among the men these days. Most of us believe that men lose weight fast than women. They remain all-time active. They join the gym, do exercises, and lift the weight. Males do not lose weight as speedy as females. They also put more effort to cut their extra mass.

Men lose weight more quickly than women. How is it possible? Now, we are going to clear this doubtfulness that how to lose weight fast for men.

Truth is: Men lose weight fast but to some extent. It is short term. Gender matters but in a few cases. Weight loss is tragic for both genders. Both have to do workouts, which limits their diet. Men have working muscle tissue, consume more calories than women. So, if men and women plan to lose weight, men tend to lose weight fast.

Men lose weight double as women. It is interesting to know that how to lose weight fast for men. We have several ideas about how to lose weight fast for men.

Following steps are very useful answer for how to lose weight fast for men.:

1: Set a goal

If you are planning to lose weight, set a goal. You should measure your desired consequences. Setting an aim is very important in every journey. It will ensure your progress towards success. According to Wests, goals must be specific. You should have a clear idea about what you want to do. That’s why we recommend you set a goal of losing weight and then stick to it. It will motivate you.

The long-term goal is to answer the question that how to lose weight fast for men. Divide it into parts. These are short-term goals. It is best if you write it and paste it on your cupboard or something else. When you achieve a short-term goal, mark a tick on it. It will trigger to work more.


So, long term goals may be:

  • Losing 20-50 pounds or more

It is just a guess. You can set your goal depending on your body weight.

Short-term goals:

  • Losing 5 pounds in a week
  • Workout for 20-30 minutes in a day
  • Plan to avoid junk food

These short-term goals are varied according to your weight loss plan.

2: muscle Strength training

It is an exercise that helps you to contract your muscles against resistance. It builds muscle mass and increases strength. Muscle strength increases commonly by lifting weights. Research proves that it is very beneficial to lose weight.

A study proves that it also helps to burn visceral fat. Visceral fat is toxic fat nearby the organs in the belly. Another study revealed that strength training of 3 months is more effective than aerobic exercise. 

It boosts metabolism, results in burning fat. Workout burns calories in hours.

  • Deadlifts, pull-ups, squats, weight lifting, are a few good muscle-building exercises.


3: Resistant training:

This type of training burns calories even when you are at rest. According to research, resistance training of more than 10 weeks burns calories at rest of about 7%. It helps to reduce weight by 4 pounds. Perform at least 3 times a week.

Body-weight exercises, chest presses, rows lifting weights, or joining a gym to start strength training.

4: Circuit training regimen:

It includes the workouts which are designed to work on every muscle of your body. In other words, it is a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training. This training speeds up your heart rate. As a result, consume more calories. There is a wide range of circuit training workouts.

  • Three sets of 10, Burpees
  • Three sets of 10, Squats
  • Three sets of 10, Bench press
  • Three sets of 10, Lunges
  • Perform workouts for 20 minutes fast to speed up heart rate and burn a high amount of calories.
  • Do not pause between exercises.

It is the best plan on how to lose weight fast for men.

5: Cardio exercise

It is also recognized as aerobic exercise. It is the most common type of exercise trains the heart and lungs. Men should perform at least 30 minutes a week. For fast weight loss, increases these exercises. It is one of the most effective ways to promote calorie burning.

Research recommends that 150-300 minutes of exercise per week is optimum to burn fats.

Running, walking, cycling and swimming are a few examples of cardiovascular exercises that can help about how to lose weight fast for men.

6: High-protein diet

Eat a good percentage of protein. Protein is powerful for strengthening muscles. It also keeps your metabolism high.

these are desirable reservoirs of protein are:

Protein is good for rapid fat loss. Protein retains your belly satisfied. It prevents you from overeating and overtime snacking. The more increase your calorie burn.


7: Follow regular sleep pattern

Going to bed earlier is good for your health. Good sleep prevents you from weight gain.

Research shows that men who sleep less than 7 hours gain weight more than a person who sleeps 8 hours regularly.

Another research shows that weight loss by 33% in men who sleep well for 8 hours.

If you sleep an alternative time, it triggers appetite due to hunger hormones. It leads to the risk of obesity. Follow a regular sleep pattern. It is only possible if you limit electronic devices. Because men have a bad habit of using electrons before sleeping.

8: Use vinegar

Vinegar is famous for a healthy life. It controls blood sugar levels, prevents heart attacks.

A research proved that about 1-2 tablespoons of vinegar daily reduce your body weight. It keeps your stomach full, limits your cravings.

It is simple to add vinegar to your diet. You can take it with diluted apple cider or with water. Another way is to take liquid vinegar as a beverage at least 2 times a day.

You can take it with sauces as well. Men should work on their diet.

9: Add more healthy fats to your diet

Good fats maintain your health. It is effective for heart patients. It lowers cholesterol, prevents you from a heart attack. These include oily fish, olive oil, avocado oil, seeds, and most of the nuts. But keep an eye on the calorie calculator, do not take calories more than 35%. It tends to gain weight if you take fat more than this ratio.

According to research, you will lose weight if you take at least two tablespoons of coconut oil.

10: Liquid intake

Avoiding sweet drinks is an easy way to lose weight fast for men. Because sweet drinks have a high number of calories. These are directly associated with the risk of belly fat.

Green tea is a great option. It gives you caffeine. It is also productive in antioxidants. They both increase fat burning and enhance metabolism. Study shows that 12% fat burning rate increase due to green tea. 

11: Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is your enemy. You should exclude alcohol from your menu. But if you are taking alcohol, men should take only 1-2 drinks in a day.

Replace your drinks with coffee, green tea, and cold water for how to lose weight fast for men.

12: Take chilly water

When you take cold water, your body uses energy to sustain its temperature. Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism revealed that drinking three cups of cold water increase your metabolism rate by 30% in only 40 minutes. So, weight loss.

13: Drink coffee

Coffee is a lifestyle. An interesting thing is that it plays an important role to burn your fats. It contains caffeine that boosts your metabolism by 3-11%.

If you want to get the healthy benefits of coffee, skip cream and sugar. Take a black or with a little amount of milk. It will prevent you from getting more calories.

14: Include iron in your diet

Iron is also best about how to lose weight fast for men. It is a beneficial mineral that plays important functions in our body. It speedup your metabolism rate. On the opposite, iron deficiency slows down your metabolism. As a result, fats will accumulate. Red meat, lentils, leafy green vegetables, spinach, beans, poultry, seafood, cereals, fortified grains, dry fruits, and shellfish are common sources of iron.

Iron deficiency also affects the thyroid gland. This is the gland that works to regulate your metabolism. Due to this, the thyroid does not produce thyroid hormones. A disorder called hypothyroidism. It causes weight gain. So, it is very important to maintain your iodine level.

15: Add fibers

When we talk about fiber, soluble fibers have a special place. They absorb water. They work slowly, keep your stomach full. It does not lead your fats accumulated. Study shows that high fiber foods protect you from gaining weight.

The males who take 10 grams of soluble fibers per day, can lose their weight by 3.7% without any exercise. It decreases hunger. 14 grams of soluble fiber in a day help you to burn 10% of calories. Wow, it can lose up to 2kg of your weight.

Soluble fibers are vegetables, fruits, legumes, whole grains, nuts, and seeds.

16: Avoid refined carbs

Refined carbs lower blood sugar levels. Hunger increases due to it. These are also named processed carbohydrates. The processes in a way that they contain more calories. But have little nutrition.

They play part in increasing your belly fats. So, you must avoid it.

Avoid your intake of refined carbs like pastries, processed foods, pasta, white bread, and breakfast cereals. Replace these refined carbs with whole grains like quinoa, whole wheat, barley, buckwheat, and oats.

17: Intermittent fasting

It is one of the easiest ways about how to lose weight fast for men. It means you fast for longer periods. It increases oxidation, results in high burn calories. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

It is effective but IF with exercise helps your body to lose weight fast. It improves your insulin sensitiveness. Ideally, you can do intermittent fasting for 16 hours. Then, you will eat within eight hours and will remain too fast. You can do IF on alternative days for how to lose weight fast for men.

It is diet planning with little exercises like running, cycling, walking. You can lose weight by 7% and burn fats about 12 pounds in 3-12 weeks. 

18: Change meal timing

Change your meal timing. Eat meal 4 times a day. Breakfast, lunch, snack and tea time, and diner. This type of routine controls hunger. Keep your blood sugar level optimum. Avoid appetite. All of these contribute to how to lose weight fast for men.

19: Take complex carbohydrates

This type of carbohydrates is important for building muscles. It helps to use simple metabolism. So, your metabolism rate will high. So, must include complex carbohydrates in your diet.

Grain products, starchy vegetables, green leafy vegetables, and beans are some sources of complex carbohydrates. They work on how to lose weight fast for men.

20: Uses Probiotics

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria present in the digestive tract. It also plays a vital role in your health. It improves all from the immunity system to mental health. So, must increase your probiotics. It can be through any food or with any supplement. Morally, it controls weight gain.

Probiotics of the genus Lactobacillus are effective for losing weight. This good bacterium is found in yogurt reduced fat by 4%. You can try some supplements like kefir, natto, tempeh, kombucha, kimchi and sauerkraut.

21: Get Expert Support

Nutritionist experts know much better about how to lose weight fast for men. You should ask an expert before you start. It may be a personal trainer, any coach, or any friend. I suggest you follow instructions consistently.


Every man wants to look slim and smart. This is only possible if you follow our previous instructions. These suggestions will make you healthier. Just drink water, sleep well, and eat a healthy diet. You can get an idea of how to lose weight fast for men. Men usually more active than women, men. Women have other health-related issues so they have to resolve those issues first. Perform different exercises like cardio, resistance training, and muscle-strengthening activities. We guarantee you that you will lose weight fast.


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