How to get rid of cold sore scars: 10 best ways

How to get rid of cold sore scars

How to get rid of cold sore scars

How to get rid of cold sore scars is the trending question. The skin is very important part of our body and scar free skin is a blessing for us. But what happens in the cold? In the start of the cold, many people face skin issues. The cold sore scars are one of those skin issues.

Read the complete article to find the best treatment for how to get rid of cold sore scars.

How to get rid of cold sore scars contents :

First of all, let’s see what you can find in this article:

  • Why do scars happen on your skin?
  • How to prevent cold sore scars?
  • Why scars remain to appear for a long time?
  • Medical reasons behind cold sore scars
  • How to get rid of cold sore scars on lips?
  • A lighter note for your skincare

It is not just limited to scars. It also makes your skin dark. Your complexion moves from fair mode to dark. It is about the appearance of the skin.

Cold sore scars irritate a person. It causes itching, stabbing, and pain. Itching is a sign of the healing process. You often scratch it due to itching. You know it disturbs the healing process of cold sores. They leave behind scars.

So the question is how to get rid of cold sore scars. We have good news for you. Now, you do not need to worry for your skin issues. First of all, we find their reasons. Then, we find easy home remedies for your skincare.

You can get rid of cold sore scars by just applying simple tricks.

Now, find all that you want to know about cold sore scars.

Why do the scars happen on your skin?

We have earlier told you about sores. They produced due to a virus. They leave scars after breaking up. Sores burst due to rubbing and scratching. The sores break up on their own and leave behind scars.

Sometimes, these scabs heal within one week. But if you scratch the sore during the healing process, the results will be different. You may have scarring.

You experience changes around the affected part of the skin.

Changes for how to get rid of cold sore scars.

  • Your skin becomes red or changes its color.
  • There may be unusual lines on the skin.
  • Your skin may become more thin or thick.

How to prevent cold sore scars?

Scars make our skin dull.

We recommend you some healthy practices. These tips contribute to fast healing without any problem.

  1. Keep your skin clear: Gently wash the affected part of your skin. Wash with soap and warm water. Repeat it three times a day.
  2. Moisturize skin regularly: Dry skin is on the threat for scars. Some cosmetics are irritating to your sores. So try to use a compatible product like petroleum jelly.
  3. Cover the affected area: Cover your sore scars with a bandage. It will prevent the scares from external friction.
  4. Don’t scratch: When the healing process starts, you feel itching. Avoid itching or scratching. Use any anti-itching cream or lotion.
  5. Medication: There are cold sore scars products available in the market. Use any OTC for fast healing. But take care. Do not take any medicine without the doctor’s recommendations.

The following above are easy tricks. You can try anyone for how to get rid of cold sore scars.

Why scars remain to appear for a long time?

Cold sore scars remain to appear for a long time. It is due to many reasons.

Following are the reasons for long time scars:

  • Scars stay for a long time on the sensitive skin.
  • Cold sore scars may due to misuse of medicines.
  • The scars are more persistent on the rough skin.
  • The non-compatible creams are also contributing to scars.

Find the reasons behind your scars.

Medical reasons behind cold sore scars and How to get rid of cold sore scars:

We discussed possible reasons for scars in the above paragraph. Now, we are going to discuss medical reasons.

Dermatologists say that following are the reasons behind the cold sore scars:

  • Poor circulation:  Blood acts as a fuel for your skin tissues. Here we take poor circulation as blood circulation. When skin tissues do not contain enough blood, they do not repair the damaged skin. If you have poor circulation, consult the doctor immediately.
  • Infection:  Any infection inside the wound is also a reason for scars. Any bacteria or virus can attack it. So, try to bandage the wound. It will heal properly. You can get rid of cold sore scars soon.
  • Edema:  It is the condition of low blood circulation. Your veins may have a blood clot. It leaves prominent scars on the skin.
  • Protein malnourishment:  If your body does not have enough protein, it will fail to repair damaged skin. Maintain your diet. Add proteins to your diet.
  • Repetitive trauma to the wound:  The wounds on the same skin area can cause scars.

All these are easy to treat. We prepared a long list of home remedies for how to get rid of cold sore scars.

How to get rid of cold sore scars on lips?

If you have scars, then try to clear them. We have easy home remedies for you. You can reduce their appearance. Keep in your mind that you can get rid of scars after some time.

Following are the home treatments for how to get rid of cold sore scars;

1: Vitamin E:

You can get vitamin E capsules from nearby stores. Open the liquid of vitamin E and gently rub this on the infected skin area. Repeat this massage four to five times a day. Continue it until the scars disappear. It will show useful results for how to get rid of cold sore scars.

2: Coconut oil:

It is an effective way to reduce scarring after time. Heat it in the microwave. Then, do massage on the scars. Repeat it three times a day. You will get the results soon. It is also best answer for how to get rid of cold sore scars.

3: Aloe Vera:

This is effective for all skin issues. Take gel of aloe vera and apply it on the scars. Leave it for about half an hour. Then wash it with lukewarm water and soap.

4: Fade cream:

The scars due to cold sores are black. So use fade cream to fade the scars. You should patch a test before using it.

5: Exfoliators:

Apply gentle exfoliators on the scars. They remove the dead cells of your skin. Do not irritate sores during the healing process.

6: Honey:

Honey is also a skin healer. Apply it at the night and cover an affected skin patch. Then leave your skin as it is. Wash it in the morning with warm water and soap. Continue it until the scars would not go. It will provide solution for how to get rid of cold sore scars.

7: Apple cider vinegar:

Prepare a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. Take four tablespoons of apple cider vinegar and two tablespoons of water. You should dip a piece of cotton and apply it to the scars. Repeat this many times a day.

8: Lavender and olive oil:

Make a mixture of essential lavender oil and olive oil. Apply it on the scars. Let the skin absorb this mixture. Repeat it two times a day.

9: Lemon:

Lemon is an anti-toxicant. Cut it into two pieces. Apply its juice on the scars.

10: Relax:

Taking stress disturbs your body functions. So try to avoid stress.

These home remedies take time to show results. Have patience while doing this. If scars become more noticeable and painful, consult the dermatologist.

A lighter note for your skincare:

What we find today? We find major skin problems. Scars are problematic for all of us. Many females also worry that scars remain to appear.

We researched it. We find all the hidden reasons for cold sore scars. Sometimes scars are due to allergy, wounds, or misuse of the skincare products. Medical reasons are poor circulation, medication, and protein malnourishment.

The next thing is treatment. It is what you need. Clean your scars. Wash it with lukewarm water and soap. Then apply any of the home remedies. You can also use olive or coconut oil here. Both are too good. Lemon is also best for all types of skin issues. You are well aware of the applications of aloe vera and honey.

Aloe vera and honey are a well-known ingredient for skincare products. Apply directly on the scars. Leave your skin with honey or aloe vera for about one hour. The night is the best time for their application. Then, wash scars with a gently rubbing. You will get results within a few days.

All these home remedies may take a long time. Have patience for getting positive results. All these are safe and tested. There are no side effects of their application.

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