How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test

How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test?

How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test is a complicated question for females.  Sometimes they feel that they are pregnant. But it is just your feeling. You must be aware of how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test. There is good news for you. We make it easy for you. Suppose you have a general knowledge of medical. You can perform a test at home. It is not a big deal for you. This test is inexpensive, easy to perform, gives result quickly, and also maintain accuracy.

It is a game of emotions too. Most women disappoint if they do not get desirable results. So, no need to worry. We are going to explain all of the factors that are the cause of a negative test. 


How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test after sex?

Pregnancy test:

It is a painless test that you can do on your own. It is called an over-the-counter (OTC) pregnancy test. It recognizes the presence of a hormone named human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). It shows that you are present. 

Its method is simple. Just take the urine and dip the strip in it. If HCG is present, it shows. If absent, it gives you a negative result. 


 The Cleveland Clinic proved that it is a 99% accurate pregnancy test. 

How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test 1
How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test

You will notice results according to the above figure.

Criteria for how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test?

It is a common question of all females. We have a satisfactory answer for you. It would be best if you waited to take a pregnancy test until your one missed period. Wait for at least one missed period. It slowly shows the symptoms of pregnancy.

Following are some symptoms of for how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test:

  1. Missed one period

It is also a common myth. You are pregnant if you do not get a regular period. Verify it with a pregnancy test.

  1. Cramps

You feel physical changes like wild cramps.

  1. Different feeling

You also feel mood swings in this condition. You feel angry or irritated on tiny issues.

  1. Contraception failure

Common signs of pregnancy:

How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test 2
How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test

Reliability of pregnancy test:

It relies on the first day of your missed period. But it is also reliable after 4-5 days of the due period.

If you are not sure, do a test after 3-4 weeks. You will get results.

Home pregnancy test:

It is sensitive to do a pregnancy test at home. So, go to the doctor and let them perform the test. It is accurate than home testing.

There are chances of failure of the test. It would be best if you repeated tests due to some reasons. Following are the reasons:

  • The use of any medicine would disturb the results.
  • You are not following instructions carefully.
  • Your results do not match with the symptoms that appeared.

All of these are genuine reasons. Above mentioned things will not give you the required results. So repeat your pregnancy test.

Instructions for performing a pregnancy test:

It is necessary to follow the instructions before performing the test.

Following are the instructions:

  • Perform a test after your first due period.
  • If you get a negative result, retest after one week. This period allows your body to release HCG hormone.
  • Follow precautions and act like pregnant, even if you are not.
  • Balance your emotions.

Testing must be on time:

Usually, females are excited to perform a pregnancy test. They examine before time. It is compulsory to know that testing must be at the right time. The early test would not give you reliable and valid results.

Early test results:

Test before the right time has no valid results. Hence, it gives different results like:

  1. Positive: Take parental care
  2. Negative: Retest again
  3. Negative: Test daily for pleasurable results

Early testing has cons. It has a high chance of false news. You disappoint if you get negative results.

Confused results:

It also happens that you get negative results. But your periods do not start. You should go for a physical checkup. Consult any health worker for your physical exam. The doctor will guide you better in this regard.

Feelings of pregnancy:

Pregnancy is a beautiful natural phenomenon. Some symptoms may appear if you are pregnant. Be calm when you get positive results. Your body gives you signals in the form of minor physical and behavioral changes.

Following are these changes:

  • Fatigue
  • Sensitiveness
  • Irritation with smell
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Cold, flue
How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test 3
How long should I wait to take a pregnancy test

The accuracy of a pregnancy test depends on the period of testing. Chances reduce with the increasing period of your days. With time, your testing shows weak results.

  • One day after your expected period can detect 100% of pregnancies
  • On the day of your expected period can detect 96%.

Test accuracy depends on the following things:

The best answer for how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test?

Test yourself according to the above-mentioned period.

 How to use strips for testing?

Read precautions before its use.

When should I use it for the test?

Use it right after your missed period.

Who can use it?

Every woman can use it for a pregnancy test.

Prefer clinical testing. 

Blood pregnancy test:

You might wonder about it. But it’s true. You can do a blood test for pregnancy verification. It is also an accurate test. It gives you 100& valid results.

So, you must know about the blood pregnancy test. There are two types of the blood pregnancy tests.

Quantitative blood test: 

In this test, the doctor takes blood and tests it. It gives you detail like the amount of HCG hormone in the blood. It tells you about pregnancy. Some doctors suggest conducting test after pregnancy. Doctors check the progress of pregnancy by this test.

  1. Qualitative blood test:

This test also verifies the pregnancy.

Reasons for the false result:

Testing may affect due to our improper verification. We collected common reasons for invalid testing for you. Keep an eye on these reasons while testing:

  • Early testing
  • Late testing
  • Testing at the wrong time
  • Testing by using diluted urine
  • Testing without hygienic requirements
Meaning of false results:

False results mean no pregnancy. There are also some other meanings of the incorrect results.

Following are these reasons:

  • LH peak
  • Pre-menopause
  • Bad treatment
Time to take doctor’s suggestions:

Doctors are our well-wishers. You have symptoms of pregnancy without positive results of in-home testing. Go to the doctor. You feel harmful and disturbing effects like periods with the positive outcome of the test. Discuss your midwifery. She will guide you about how to deal with this situation.

You also feel anxiety or depression. If it becomes aggression, take an appointment with the psychologist. Avoid all anxiety medication. Just take sessions and start mind relaxing exercises. Meditation is best in this way.

Mind relaxing activities are essential for both a pregnant woman and a normal lady. Make a habit of some easy exercises. Do a morning walk daily with your partner. Share all the issues with your companion. Maintain a healthy diet. The main thing is to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Women are generally excited about their pregnancy. They do a number of the test but all in vain. It is a discussion for all women. It would help if you always took care of yourself. Come to the topic that is how long should I wait to take a pregnancy test.

Its simple answer is that wait until your last period. Your best time of testing is after one day of the due period. You can test after this as well. You can try after 2-3 days or more.

As a woman, you should know about it. Two types of tests can help you to confirm your pregnancy.

  1. Urine test
  2. Blood test

A urine test is quite simple. Just buy an OTC pregnancy strip from your nearest medical store. Then dip it in your urine. You will infer about pregnancy from signs on the strip. One of the two symptoms may appear.

The second test is a blood test. A blood test is further two types. One is a quantitative and qualitative blood test. A qualitative blood test tells you about the nature of hormones and confirms your pregnancy. On the other side, a quantitative blood test gives you a detailed analysis. It means you the amount of hormone present in your body. Moreover, it helps to check the progress of the pregnancy.

Our humble request is to follow hygienic principles while performing a pregnancy test. Do not disappoint if you do not get desirable results.


Be a strong and powerful lady!
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