How long does it take to sober up

How long does it take to sober up

How long does it take to sober up

How long does it take to sober up is a very fascinating question? Many of us love to drink. We drink at parties, birthdays, celebrations, and many other events. But when happened after excessive drinking. You feel something really bad in your body. You become unable to handle yourself. You want something to relax you. It gives birth to the question of how long does it take to sober up. You want your BAC level low.

We are going to share all the factors and necessary tips related to your needs.

Factors involved in how long does it take to sober up:

You are drinking and drinking and then exhausted. You want to sober up your alcohol intake. Well, this is a common issue for many people. They have cravings and do not have the will-power to stop them from drinking. Drinking is not bad in limited terms. But if you do no control yourself, do not drink too much. This discussion is for you. We are going to explain all the factors responsible for your time to sober up yourself.

How long does it take to sober up depends on the following factors:

  • Blood alcohol concentration (BAC)

Blood alcohol concentration level tells you how much alcohol is in your blood and body. It is an optimum level. An alcoholic should aware of its values. Every person has his limits or end line. But for the alcoholic, there is a moderate BAC level. In the US, about 0.08 grams per deciliter of BAC is legal drinking.

If you are crossing this limit, you are witnessing some illegal task. A high BAC level gives you signs that you need to sober up.

These symptoms or signs are;

  • Confused
  • Lazy
  • Sleepy
  • Unable to judge
  • Slurred speech
  • Lack of concentration

It is essential to leave drinking if you have the following symptoms.

  • Number of intake drinks

You know a high number of drinks raise your BAC level. Alcohol enters into the bloodstream within minutes. Your body metabolizes only one drink in only. So, if you are taking more drinks, you have a high concentration of alcohol in your blood.

It disturbs your physical activities.

  • Bodyweight

When we talk about sober up, your body weight or mass also has some comes. It estimates the space for the metabolism of alcohol.

If two people are taking the same number of alcoholic drinks but having different body weight. The person has more weight than others, he will take more time to sober up the same amount of alcohol.

  • Gender

Gender also matters a lot. Males and females process alcohol differently depending on their different body compositions. Females contain a high percentage of fats. That’s why they remain drunk for a longer time and take more time to sober up.

  • Food

Drinking with an empty stomach will take more time to sober up. Meanwhile, drinking with some meal is ok but do remember about the standard drink.

  • How much does alcohol you can tolerate?

Your body capacity is very important. If you have the power of taking 2 drinks only, you cannot take more. Excessive alcohol raises your high BAC level and then you need to sober up.

  • Your health condition

How long does it take to sober up based on your health condition? A patient strictly follows the standard drink, nevertheless sober up takes more time than any healthy person.

Is there any way to sober up as fast as you want?

You drunk more on your wishes. Then you want to sober up. Am I right? Now there is an interesting thing is that thousands of recipes and tips are available for it. Do these ideas help you to sober up fast? No, not at all. Anything cannot help you to sober up fast. You can ask your doctor, he will tell you that it is impossible to sober up fast. You can just relax by applying the tips and tricks.

You drunk and do not how to sober up yourself? Or How long does it take to sober up? Wait for you to sober up. The wait is the conditional key.

Tips to sober up fast

Meanwhile, you can feel better if you follow our tips. These tips help you to lower your BAC level.

Have a look at our recommended tips.

  1. Sleeping

Sleep is the best thing to lower your BAC level. As we advise you to wait for it. Sleep is the best way to pass your time and let your BAC level low. After two to four hours of sleeping, you will feel relax and fresh.

  1. Exercise

We take it in the meaning of sweat. Sweat your body. You can do it in many ways i.e. by doing a workout or do any exercise. It will help your body to metabolize alcohol fast and hence, the BAC level lowers.

  • Water intake

Never take your drink without diluting it. Drink water before taking alcohol. Water assists your body to maintain the BAC level.

  1. Take coffee

Coffee is not a bad idea. It makes you active. It activates your blood tissues to work fast. It makes you alert.

  1. Carbon or charcoal capsules

Sometimes carbon or charcoal capsules are better for maintaining BAC. But do not take it without a doctor’s consultation.

  1. Vomiting

Vomiting also helps you to eliminate alcohol. Throwing up is an easy way.

  • Take multi-vitamins

Multi-vitamins assist your body to fight strongly against your drinks.

How long does it take to sober up
How long does it take to sober up

Amount of alcohol in drinks

The amount of alcohol varies in the drinks. We will give you a concept about the percentage of alcohol in various drinks.

  • Beer:

It contains about five percent of alcohol.

  • Wine:

It contains about twelve to fifteen percent of alcohol.

  • Hard liquor:

It contains a high percentage of alcohol more than forty-five percent.

You feel symptoms of excessive drinking after drinking of minimum 10 minutes to 40 minutes

Time to metabolize alcohol

How long does it take to sober up
How long does it take to sober up

Myths about sober up fast

You observe various tips and tricks about how long does it take to sober up. Keep it in your mind that there is no way to sober up fast. Just wait for it.

You make yourself better only if you lower your blood concentration level. Your brain does not tell about the period to process alcohol fast. So engage yourself in any healthy activity until you sober up.

Let’s take a quick overview of myths related to how long does it take to sober up:

  • Take strong coffee

Drinking alcohol makes you lazy and sleepy. Caffeine helps you in this way. It only makes you alert and active but does not speed up your metabolism.

  • Cold shower

Taking a cold shower does not help you to sober up but make you unconscious. So, avoid to take bath after drinking.

  • Eating fatty foods

It does not work for you to sober up. Instead, it slows the process of alcohol.

Food cannot do anything if alcohol already reaches your stomach.

  • Throwing up

Throwing up has benefits for excessive drinking but does not lower the BAC level.


How long does it take to sober up 3
How long does it take to sober up 3

How long does it take to sober up at night?

Sleeping is the best way to sober up at night. It gives time to your liver to metabolize alcohol. Alcohol overdose leads to serious health issues and ultimately causes brain damage. Take some precautions while sleeping after drinking.

Sleeping is not well for all the cases. If any of your loved ones are sleeping after drinking, stay with him. Sleep causes intoxication. Some people vomit in their sleeping and die due to it.

We recommend you following of these tips to start afresh and healthy morning:

  • Get dehydrated before going to bed. It helps your body to fight with alcoholic effects.
  • Keep water on your dressing table while drinking. Drink whenever you awake.
  • Keep a dustbin with your bed. You feel vomiting and make it throw up at that time.
  • Keep a pain killer like Advil and take it in the morning. Otherwise do not take any product without doctor recommendations.
  • Never take medications after drinking
  • Set an alarm for starting a beautiful day.

How long does it take to sober up in the morning?

Picnic and parties are good for us. But try to set a plan before going to a party. We advise you to follow a healthy lifestyle with enjoyment. Whenever you come back follow our precious advice for a healthy life.

  • Go back to sleep
  • Take a pain killer
  • Be hydrated
  • Drink fresh juices or sports drinks
  • Take any good medicine to treat gastrointestinal issues
  • Have a strong coffee, green tea, or a lemon tea
  • Cool your hands and feet
  • Eat something healthy
  • Avoid excess drinking alcohol

Time to sober up fast

It depends on your drinks. The body processes one drink in one hour. So, how long does it take to sober up depends on how much do you drink.

Tips to avoid excessive drinking

We care about your health. Kindly follow these valuable tips to avoid excessive drinking.

  • Count your drinks intake

Develop a habit of counting drinks intake. Set a limit on you. Be committed to it.

  • Measure your standard drink

Follow standard drink criteria for your daily intake.

  • Alter your choice

Do not stick to one taste. Change your choice and take in with a combination of any liquid.

  • Alter your way of drinking

Drink with water or some other healthy drinks. Try to avoid drinking only alcohol.

  • Eat something while drinking

Drinking without food hurts your internal organs. So, drink after a meal or eat something while drinking.

  • Fruits

Bananas are good for alcoholics. They are absorbent and help to absorb alcohol.

Take precautions while drinking alcohol

We care about your life. Please avoid these after drinking alcohol.

  • Don’t drive
  • Don’t drink with an empty stomach
  • Don’t take medications after drinking

Brief discussion

Excessive alcohol makes you discomfort. You care about how long does it take to sober up. First of all, we clear your query. There is no confirmed time to sober up. Just have a patient and wait. Give time to your body. Time is a condition for it. Your body weight, gender, drinks intake, BAC level, and meal timing are the factors involved to sober up. These factors do not sober up yourself but relax.

Sleeping, food, exercise, coffee, and water intake are good for you to deal with high alcoholic intake. Sleeping is the key factor. It gives time to your body to metabolize alcohol.

Apart from it, take care while sleeping. Sometimes, people die due to vomit in sleeping. Take precautions like keep any dustbin and water.

Follow tips to reduce your high intake of alcohol:
  • Count your drinks
  • Follow standard drink
  • Drink with food
  • Drink water before alcohol drinking
  • Do not drive after drinking
  • Do not take medications


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