How long does a colonoscopy take : 12 colonoscopy steps

How long does a colonoscopy take

How long does a colonoscopy take

How long does a colonoscopy take is unique research for some people who are trying to find this answer? There is a myth that colonoscopy takes time. Your healthcare is an essential part of your life. You cannot live peacefully without good health. Do not forget the proverb; Health is wealth.

Content of this article that how long does a colonoscopy take

At the end of the article, you will find the answer to the question of How long does a colonoscopy take.

  • What is a colonoscopy?
  • Reasons for the need for a colonoscopy?
  • Is there any risk in the colonoscopy?
  • Precautions before the colonoscopy
  • How long does a colonoscopy procedure take?
  • How long does it take for a colonoscopy?
  • What about the results of colonoscopy?
  • How long does a colonoscopy take?
  • Conclusion hor how long does it take to recover from a colonoscopy  ?

Many of us have sour stomachs. Some people do not take care of themselves. This carelessness takes you to a high major health issue. You may encounter a colon problem. The bad colon has many abnormalities. There may be improper or additional tissue growth in the colon. Then it leads into the rectum.

Doctors recommend you colonoscopy in this condition. We use it to remove additional polyps into the rectum and colon. The polyps are other tissue in the colon.

It is an effective way to find cancerous or precancerous cells in the colon. The next problem is that how long colonoscopy takes.

Let’s find the correct answer to the question of How long does a colonoscopy take.

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is an exam to find abnormalities. Let’s know what a colonoscopy is and why there is a need for a colonoscopy.

How long does a colonoscopy take

A colonoscopy is an examination procedure to find problems in the large intestine and rectum. It is a process in which a camera is inserted into the rectum. This camera is with the help of a long and flexible tube. This video camera records the inside view of the large intestine. Doctors examine the internal condition.

They observe and take the decision. Doctors remove the abnormal tissue through colonoscopy. They also take a tissue sample for further treatment.

Why is there a need for a colonoscopy?

Your doctor examines you. He may suggest you colonoscopy for your healthcare. Your doctor recommends colonoscopy based on the following reasons:

For the investigation of intestinal abnormalities:

  • Your doctor recommends colonoscopy for finding the intestinal abnormalities.
  • The doctor diagnoses all the causes of
  • Abdominal pain
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Chronic constipation
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • And many other intestinal problems.


For diagnosing the screened cancer:

You are at risk for colon cancer if you are older than 50 years. Aging is the same main symptom of colon cancer. Your doctor may recommend you for every ten years. There may be other options. But the colonoscopy is one of the most recommended options for colon cancer.

For polyps: Additional polyps are the primary cause of colon cancer. So your doctor recommends you colonoscopy for the removal of additional polyps.

Is there any risk in the colonoscopy?

It is also an important question. Most people want information that colonoscopy is safe or not. However, it depends on the patient’s condition and surgery. There is risk in every situation. So, there is also a risk in the colonoscopy.

Following complications may involve in the colonoscopy:

  • There may be a severe effect of sedatives used in the surgery.
  • There are also chances for bleeding in the site of abnormal tissue.
  • There may be perforation in the rectum.

That’s why your doctor asks you to sign an agreement before the colonoscopy.

Precautions before the colonoscopy:

Before a colonoscopy, you should follow precautions. It is necessary for a successful colonoscopy.

Following precautions are essential for the colonoscopy:

  • Clear your colon. Any material or residue in the colon will disturb the colonoscopy.
  • Maintain your diet: Normally, your doctors, do not allow you to eat before the colonoscopy. However, you may take liquids like juices, water, and coffee or tea without milk and sugar. Avoid Red drinks. The doctor may confuse red drinks with blood. They recommend you to avoid eating before the midnight of colonoscopy. It is better to avoid eating or drinking before the exam.
  • Add laxative: Your doctor will recommend you to take a laxative. You can either take it in liquid form or as a pill. So, take it before the exam.
  • Use an enema kit: The enema kit is an essential instrument for cleaning the colon. So keep it with yourself.
  • Medications: Your doctor prescribes you some medicines. These medicines normalize your other health issues like blood pressure or heartbeat.

How long does a colonoscopy procedure take

Colonoscopy is a disturbing phenomenon. You do not need to worry. Sedation is expected before the colonoscopy. Some pills are also useful. Medication saves you from any discomfort.

Following steps involve in the colonoscopy:

  1. Wear a gown.
  2. Lay on the exam table.
  3. Draw your knees towards the chest.
  4. Then your doctor inserts a colonoscope in your rectum.
  5. The scope is a long tube the same length as your colon.
  6. It contains a light and a tube.
  7. It pumps the air or carbon dioxide into your colon.
  8. The air or carbon dioxide expands the area of the colon.
  9. It provides a clear view of the colon.
  10. When this is happening, you feel bowl movements in your abdomen.
  11. The camera on the tip of the tube captures the images of the internal colon.
  12. The doctor removes the additional polyps through the same method.

This examination takes about half an hour to complete one hour.

How long does it take for a colonoscopy

It takes about one hour to recover from sedatives and medicines. Take rest all day. Do not drive or walk alone after colonoscopy.

If your doctor removed polyps, then follow the doctor’s diet plan.

You may feel bleeding or bowl after it. But it is temporary. If you think about it continuously, consult your doctor.


Results for how long does it take for a colonoscopy?

Your doctor will share the results of the colonoscopy for plans.

Negative results

The results of colonoscopy are negative when a doctor does not find abnormalities in your colon. So, the other process depends on your doctor. He recommends you colonoscopy after a few years.

  • After ten years: You need colonoscopy again after ten years. Your doctor recommends you based on the average risk of colon cancer.
  • After five years: The doctor recommends the colonoscopy after five years. It is based on your polyp history.
  • After one year: Your doctor recommends you due to residue in your colon.


Positive results

The results of colonoscopy are positive if you have a colon issue or abnormal tissue.

All the polyps are not cancerous. They may be pre-cancerous. After the colonoscopy, these removed polyps were sent to the laboratory. The doctors observe them as they are cancerous or pre-cancerous.

Your doctor will recommend a colonoscopy soon if:

  • You have more than two polyps.
  • You have a large poly about longer than one centimeter.
  • You have cancerous polyps.

You are at negligible risk if you get a positive result.

How long does a colonoscopy take?

Colonoscopy is a serious medical threat. You have a terrible or disturbed digestive system. A colonoscopy is a solution to all these medical issues. The colonoscopy takes half an hour to one hour. But it is not enough.

The answer to the question of How long does a colonoscopy take is not limited. Let’s find the exact answer.


  • Preparations before the colonoscopy take 30 to one hour.
  • Then the colonoscopy takes about one hour.
  • After the colonoscopy, post-treatment takes one more hour.
  • In the end, you must take a rest a day.
  • Do not drive or walk alone.
  • After any surgery, you are not in the condition of moving alone. So take precautions.
Conclusion for how long does it take to recover from a colonoscopy 

How long does a colonoscopy take is a confusing question? Many people think that it takes too much time. But you know, it is just a myth.


It does not take too much time. It takes a little time. In comparison, its procedure is the main subject of discussion. Any surgery takes time before and after—same in the case of colonoscopy. Time involves before and after the colonoscopy.


You need almost one hour for preparations for colonoscopy. Prepare yourself before it. Clear out your colon. Maintain your diet. Eat soft foods and take liquids. You can drink fresh juices or drinks. Avoid red drink. It confuses the doctor that it is blood. Be careful, stop eating and drinking before the midnight of colonoscopy.


In this colonoscopy process, you lay down. The doctor insert scope in your rectum. He removes the different tissues or polyps. It also contains a camera on the tip of the tube of scope. This camera capture the images for further observation.


The result of colonoscopy either negative or positive. A negative impact means there is no cancerous tissue. While positive means there is cancerous or pre-cancerous abnormalities.

A colonoscopy is an exam. It helps the doctor to diagnose the abnormalities. If your doctor recommends it, take it with courage.


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